"Making A Difference One Ride At A Time"

Samadhi Retreat is a non-profit meditation center in East Texas. We teach the art of experientially connecting with the Source (God) through meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, chanting, and sacred ritual. We are volunteer facilitators to a prison congregation each Friday in Teague Texas as an outreach program and have students visiting and living on premises as an in-house ministry. We currently have three books published and are launching our fourth project, the Yoga Sutra Cards as a means to educate, illustrate, and communicate the joy of living in a state of blissful communion with the Supreme (God). We offer three-day retreats for groups and individuals who would like an in-depth immersion into the principles of Divine unity and provide remote student opportunities as well. We are a non-judgmental, equal opportunity, spirituality-based Omni-denominational community. 

Benefit Riders Of East Texas